Useful Reading

Fate System Rules

Luckily, Fate is pretty easy to pick up. If you are interested in a more in-depth look at the system, your best first stop is the Fate Core rules. There are a couple places you can get this.

  • Fate Core and other Fate books by Evil Hat Productions can be downloaded on a “pay what you want” model (including free) from their website.
  • Another great option is the Fate SRD which includes pretty-much all the material from the Fate books in a searchable, hyperlinked format. Looks great on mobile devices too.

Suggested Additional References

Even though we’re no longer using GURPS rules for Resolution, the GURPS books remain an excellent resource for ideas. Below is a list of GURPS books you may find helpful for general inspiration. SJ Games states that their PDF books can be provided to players as game aids, but beyond that these books are not to be passed around to folks not participating in this campaign; if you would like access to the shared Dropbox folder with these PDFs, ask me.

  • GURPS Bio-Tech
    • Everything you need to know about bio-modification.
  • GURPS Ultra-Tech
    • Your complete guide to futuristic technology.
  • GURPS Magic
    • Lots of details on magic use and possible spells.
  • GURPS Old West
    • Excellent information on the Western setting.

Useful Reading

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