The McClairen Family

The McClairens are wealthy and influential weapons manufacturers. If you want top quality weapons, you probably buy ones made by them – if you have that kind of cash!

They are situated in a (yet-to-be-named) town/city north of Sandstone on the Great Western Divide railway line, where it first crosses the river west of the mountains. To the north of them is Speed Freak territory, and defense against Speed Freaks is an ongoing concern.

Since metal is rare in Resolution, and the weapons made by the McClairens are metal, they must have some rich source of it… but no one outside the family really know the details of where that is.

Protecting the family business and fending off the Speed Freaks led the McClairens to recruit and arm a security force, which grew to a small army, which they also hire out on contract. It is this military force that James McClairen was training for officerhood in.

While Sandstone is so far a free city, the McClairens are just one of several factions vying for influence and power over the city.

The McClairen Family

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