Speed Freak

Let’s not split hairs: Ben wanted to play a Warhammer 40k Orc in this setting. But since he did such a nice write-up for the adapted race (below), who could say no?

Homo Ludificus Velocitas
Speed Freaks
Green Skins

Genus: Officially titled Homo Ludificus Velocitas by those biologists brave enough to spend time with them trying to elucidate their genus, but usually referred to as ‘Speed Freaks’ or ‘Green Skins’.

Physical Traits: Ranging in height from 6’ to 8’ and in mass from 250 to 450 pounds for both males and females of the species. Skin colours range from pale green to a dark green-brown with females trending towards the darker end of the spectrum and males to the lighter. It is theorized that this variation between the species comes from mating habits where the brighter skin tones in the male contribute towards the courting of the female.

Mental Acuity: Low to Low Middle on the Atkinson Mental Acuity Scale. The Speed Freaks have enough intelligence to communicate and form social structures, fabricate basic tools, clothing and structures and conduct basic trade. They have developed a crude pictographic writing form which is relatively consistent between the various tribes. Their interests tend not to stray very far from the Basic Level on the Smith’s Chart. They seem to spend most of their time hunting, trading and tending to their machinery. The mention of which should bear a special note here. All tribes keep a vast array of vehicles and weaponry but they do not display the mental acuity required to design or properly maintain such equipment. Their ability to maintain such equipment will be discussed under the heading ‘Magical Affinity’1. There are reports of the exceptional individual in the species learning alphabetic forms of writing or more advanced forms of fabrication and construction typical of other species but non of these have been scientifically verified.

1 Magical Affinity: All Speed Freaks display an innate magical affinity to varying degrees. Very few take the time or have the strength of ability to properly harness this affinity and bend it to their conscious will. They all however express it in the maintenance of their machinery and vehicles. While they do not display the intelligence normally required to understand, design, build and maintain advanced machinery such as combustion engines or beam weaponry they nonetheless do so. It is theorized that their innate magical affinity is subconsciously harnessed to either direct them in their tasks or provide the effects they desire. It is not uncommon to open a Speed Freak device to find nothing but a random assortment of parts and junk which should under no circumstance provide the desired results, or more worryingly should provide a fatal result to the operator. Yet, in the hands of the Speed Freaks, these devices work, vehicles drive, weapons fire, etc. As to the more structured forms of magic there does exist in Speed Freak society a shamanic order where magic is more rigorously studied and practiced although these individuals are far fewer and highly regarded amongst the tribes. For rules details see Magic.

Individual Behavioral traits: Speed Freaks are often regarded as not much more than unthinking brutes and savages and in most cases this is accurate. Speed Freaks display little ability for critical thinking or planning. They have little regard for their own safety let alone the safety of others. They display an alarming affinity for fast vehicles of any kind as well as explosives. It has been jokingly theorized that the ideal form of travel for any Speed Freak would be lashed to the side of a missile where they would get to enjoy a very fast ride culminating in a very large explosion. Speed Freaks display little in the way of deception, they are generally a very transparent and upfront species. Saying what is on their mind with little ability to filter. They prefer to face any conflict or problem head on, usually with as much violence as possible. This is often pointed to as the source of their bewildering inter-tribal polical structure.

Settlements: Speed Freaks are a nomadic species with very few permanent or semi-permanent settlements. Those that do exist are small and on the outskirts of their territory. Maintained mostly only to facilitate trade with other species and settlements.

Collective Behavior: As a nomadic and generally disorganized people, Speed Freak behaviour varies widely. They are sometime prone to banditry, and Speed Freak raids are one of the most feared occurrences in Resolution. This is often the primary defensive concern in settlements in close proximity to Speed Freak territory, and raids have occasionally sparked large-scale conflicts between Speed Freak tribes and nearby factions.

Social structure:

Politics: They consist of several dozen large tribes and a larger number of smaller family groups or sub-tribes. These tribes exist in a constantly changing, nebulous and complex web of alliances and rivalries with each other. In his treatise on the species, Benedict Montgomery famously documented a case where one particular tribe was involved in 17 active wars, 23 alliances, and 38 inactive conflicts. The astounding part was that 6 of the active wars and 12 of the inactive conflicts were with tribes that were also considered current allies. In the Speed Freak world fast friends can instantly become mortal enemies and likewise mortal enemies can suddenly find themselves blood brothers. Outside of Speed Freak territory it is common wisdom that no sane and rational person should ever try to understand or sort out Speed Freak politics.

Test subject strain 5643-Beta aka “Speed Freaks” racial historical documentation:

Partial record retrieval…2839763892

New Banridge Gengineering Facility 12…
Panhuman Optimization Day 42…
The muscular growth has outpaced expectations. The rapid maturation and reproductive cycle engineered into the subjects by Facility 13 has allowed us to see decades or centuries of change in mere days. The subjects are all experiencing marked increase in muscle mass and bone density. Subjects 432-456 in particular are exhibi… end record.

Partial record retrieval…2839763913

…nridge Gengineering Facility 12…
Panhuman Optimization Day 51…
The subjects of the muscular growth experimentation have been exhibiting a disturbing increase in violent behavior and loss of critical thinking. This has lead to a number of incidents of injury between subjects and one death. Still the benefits of a stronger working class outweigh the drawbacks and Dr. Pendalt is confident that she can further tinker with their brain chemistry to make the subjects docile once again…. end record.

Partial record retrieval…2839763925

New Banridge Gengineering Facility 12…
Panhuman Optimization Day 121…
Dr. Pandalt has been unsuccessful in restoring the subjects former docility. With the subjects unsuitable for release to the general labour force our research has been deemed unsuitable for commercialization. The only redeeming factor of our research is we have created an extremely durable test subject for other lines of experimentation. The subjects are due for transfer to facility… end record.

Partial record retrieval…2839764153

…ering Facility 8…
Mammalian Photosynthesis Day 21
The test subjects we received from Facility 12 have been quite a boon. Their increased physical durability has lowered our typical subject losses by over two thirds. Our research on the other hand has not proceeded as well as hoped. We have not been able to induce mammalian photosynthesis, the only thing we have succeeded at is turning the test subjects skin green. This could be popular with the cosmetics division, provided we can reduce the lethality of the procedure to below 1% I will have to forward our research to Dr. Yu… end record.

Partial record retrieval…2839764211

Banr….Facility 15
Genetic Cosmetic Reconstruction Day 73
The research and test subjects we received from Facility 8 have proven very interesting. We have been successful in a number of facial topographic changes at the genetic level ranging from ear and nose cartilage reshaping to cranial size and bone restructuring. We have managed to make the test subjects quite hideous and have those changes pass on to subsequent generations. Of course very few of these changes will be marketable in their current form but it is the proof of concept that was required. We will leave it up to the boys in market research and the research commercialization department to figure out what to do with it. In the mean time Dr. Padem at Facility 4 has been bothering us for weeks to transfer them the test subjects for whatever secret projects they have goi… end record.

Partial record retrival…283976624

XXX XXXXX XXXXX XXXX. XXXX XXX XXXXXX XX XXX XXXXX. <decryption>Dr. Padem<end> XXXX XXX XXX XXXXX XXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX XX XXXXX XXX X XXXXXX. XXXXX XX XXXX<decryption>subjects induced arcane sensitivity<end>XX XXXXX XX XXXX… end record.

Partial record retrieval…283981795

Banridge Gengineering Facility 7
Military Reclamation Project Day 896
What were they thinking? These subjects we received from facility 23 are a mess. It would have been better to just put them out of their misery. I don’t see how we will be able to salvage anything useful here. They have seen the inside of more of our research facilities than I have. We will do what we can but don’t expect an miracles… end record.

Partial record retrieval…283981814

Banridge Gengineering Facilit…
Military Reclamation Project…
The test subjects seem to have some sort of low level, ingrained magical affinity. They have shown a fondness for “inventing” things, the problem is they don’t seem to have the brain matter to accomplish any sort of complex assembly or innovation. Despite that though they still seem to be capable of putting together new machinery and weapons. This was quite baffling until we began opening up some of these “inventions” of theirs. More than half of them have nothing more than a random hodge podge of parts and one famously had nothing but a ham sandwich and a squirrel. Yet, in defiance of all the laws of physics these devices, when in the hands of the test subjects, work. It must have something to do with whatever the boys in Facility 4 did to them. It seems the test subjects intense belief that a thing will work is all that is really required for that thing to do what they expect it will do. Unreliable, but effective. Some of the boys have begun calling the test subjects “Speed Freaks” due to their love of “going really fast”. It’s like a drug to them. Offer them the chance for a ride any sort of transport capable of going more than 70 clicks and they will beat their own mothers down if they had to to get a seat…end record.

Partial record retrieval…283981899

Banridge Gengineering Facility 7
Military Reclamation Project Day 1157
We have managed to remove the accelerated maturation and reproduction cycle from the general test subject population and that’s about it. On the surface we have a very desirable military weapon. The test subjects are big, strong, and extremely durable. They are naturally camouflaged with skin tones ranging from green to a dark greenish-brown. Their senses and reflexes are sharp. They do not hesitate in dangerous situations and seem to have little regard for their own safety. Unfortunately they are violent, rash, and exhibit extreme problems working as coherent units. If they were to be put in a battle field situation it would be just as likely that they would turn on us or each other as they would be to attack the enemy. They would be too unreliable for military application. They are also unsuitable for release to the general population for the same reasons. They have outlived their usefulness. It is our recommendation that the entire subject pool be liquidated… end record.

Partial record retrieval…28398201

Bandrige Corporate Headquarters
Location: Banridge Gengineering Facility 7
Report: At approximately 21:15 communication with Facility 7 was lost. A security detachment from Facility 9 was sent to determine the nature of the communication failure. Their full report is attached but in short they found the facility ransacked, all facility personnel either missing or deceased. It appears that whatever Facility 7 was reclaiming engineered some sort of revolt and escaped the facility. Vehicle and foot tracks lead into the deserts west of the facility. I have attached the security detachments report and will forward the latest research notes from Facility 7 as soon as I get them… end record.

End of record retrieval.

Speed Freak

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