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This is the Resolution wiki – I like to call it a Codex. :) Sadly Obsidian Portal’s document organization options are limited, but I’ve tried to make the Codex easy to navigate with links to relevant content. If you’re having trouble finding something, you can always fall back to the “See All Pages” link at the right side of each Codex page; this link will display a list of all content, and is searchable by title or tag. Another decent option is the search box in the header of each page.

A Note on Rules References

The Fate Core rules and various supplemental rules are available as pay-what-you-like (even free) PDFs, and practically everything you could need is also available for free in the Fate SRD. Therefore there isn’t much point referring to page numbers in the Fate books. Instead, I’ll try to link to relevant sections of the Fate SRD, or leave it up to you to search the PDFs if you prefer.

A Note on Gender

Personal pronouns are a pain in the ass. I don’t want to offend anyone, but constantly using “she/he” instead of just picking one is really cumbersume and not fun to read. I haven’t decided on a formal convention yet, so if you run into a personal pronoun in a generic context (eg. talking about a profession) rather than text about a specific individual (eg. Baron von Pronoun is really obsessive about his use of politically-correct language), just do me a favour and assume there’s an implied magical pronoun that refers to both genders.

Without Further Ado…

The primary sections of the Resolution Codex are:

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