Fair Play

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A small town on the River Junction to Albion Water stage coach trail. Their main source of business is travelers looking for a place to rest. Grunting Hollow is a rival town, bitter at Fair Play for getting the stage route instead of them.

Fair Play was once terrorized by the Newburg Gang in collusion with a local watchman (since exiled) ( Foul Play in Fair Play – part 1), causing the stage line to temporarily divert to Grunting Hollow. The gang killed the town’s sheriff and deputy, and would descend upon the town nightly to hound the populace and damage property. A group of marshals (who were stranded in the town by the incident) were able to apprehend the culprits ( Foul Play in Fair Play – part 2) and traveled to Grunting Hollow to deal with their employer (Jerome Hunt) at the source ( Hollow Threats – part 1 and part 2). The Newburg Gang (as well as Sal Early’s highwaymen and several hired henchmen from Grunting Hollow) were eventually transported to River Junction for trial and incarceration ( Take Me To The River – part 1). The stage coach line returned to its normal course through Fair Play once the incident was resolved.

The town currently has no official sheriff or mayor; the previous sheriff and deputy were killed by the Newburg Gang, and no replacement mayor or sheriff have been elected.

Fair Play

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