Grunting Hollow

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Grunting Hollow is a small town north of Fair Play. At one time Grunting Hollow was the center of some fairly successful mining operations, but the mines have since dried up. A network of derelict mine tunnels remains beneath the town, and most businesses have tied into the tunnels for additional storage as well as travel during storms. Current business comes almost entirely from supplying the few remaining farms and homesteads in the surrounding area.

There are no regular transport connections to Grunting Hollow; all trade goods and travel come via Fair Play, which is on the River Junction to Albion Water stage coach line. Grunting Hollow once bid against Fair Play for the area’s stage coach stop, but lost out to Fair Play’s more easily navigable terrain. Today most traffic in and out of Grunting Hollow is by foot or by pack animal; the road is passable by carts and carriages, but is poorly maintained frequently causes breakdowns. The road between the towns passes through a number of narrow valleys, and with no policing to speak of, is a common target of minor bandits such as Sal Early’s group.

At one time, hotel owner Jerome Hunt wrested control of the town from mayor Lloyd Chapman, in a startlingly quick and well-supplied coup. Hunt proceeded to greatly expand the hotel and re-orient other town structures to face it. With help from his mouthpiece, Joker, Hunt ruthlessly dominated the town for a period of several months. Not long after solidifying his position in the town, Hunt contracted the Newburg Gang to murder Fair Play‘s law enforcement officials and begin terrorizing the town. This caused the River Junction to Albion Water stage to divert its course away from Fair Play, routing through Grunting Hollow instead. Unfortunately for Hunt, several Marshals happened into Fair Play during the incident, and were able not only to foil the Newburg Gang, but also traveled to Grunting Hollow and destroyed Hunt’s power base there. Hunt and Joker were able to flee the town just before the marshals fought their way through the last of his henchmen. The stage route has since reverted back to Fair Play.

At the present time, Lloyd Chapman has resumed his position of mayor. Business has not improved, but the citizens are at least free of Hunt’s opression. A large hotel is for sale by the town.

Grunting Hollow

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