Foul Play in Fair Play - part 2

James, after a brief discussion with the local pastor about the ethics of setting up a sniper position in the steeple of the church, settled on the roof of the Sheriff’s office. Eliza hid herself behind the Sheriff’s outhouse, and Nelli set up around the corner of the saloon. Caleb, ever his own man, decided once again that the best location to place a secure guard would be inside the saloon, at the poker table. Sadly, there was inevitably a disagreement with some other gamblers. Just as James sighted the Newburg gang walking towards town, aimed his rifle, and signaled to Eliza that the ruffians were on their way, Caleb’s encounter escalated to the flipping of the poker table and some very unkind loud words. This imperfectly-timed ruckus caught the attention of Nelli, as well as a mysterious android named “Apache” Bob (next door in the Barber shop), both of whom decided they should investigate. As Nelli and Apache Bob made their way towards the saloon, there was a roar followed by the hasty exit of one gambler from the saloon. Apache Bob shouted at the gambler to halt, assuming the figure beating a hasty retreat was the perpetrator of the injustice. All this noise caught the attention of the Newburg boys, who decided their approach may require more caution; Landon and Barrett moved purposefully towards the saloon while Leo made his way towards the back door of the Sheriff office, presumably with the intention of meeting the watchman. Nelli, unaware of the ruffians’ approach, headed into the saloon to diffuse the situation. She found a large green “Marshul” shouting at a terrified ganster for insinuating he might be crazy.

Deciding it was time for action, James initiated the confrontation by shooting off Landon’s hat. Nelli manage to get Caleb to calm down. James warned Landon not to move, and threatened him with what a huge rifle might do to him should he not comply. Caleb, now aware of the situation, pitched in his threats to Landon as well. Nelli, taking the more direct approach, shot Landon in the foot. And lasered it right off. At the sound of Landon’s anguished screams, Barret dropped his gun and began to run.

During this shouty ruckus, Eliza deftly knocked Leo unconscious. As she dragged him to the jail, he began to struggle, but was at the mercy of her iron grip. Eliza arrived at the jail, only to find it locked. Letting out a sigh, she proceeded to drag Leo to the Sheriff’s office, find the jail key in the Sherrif’s desk, and drag Leo back to the jail before locking him up.

Meanwhile, Caleb turned his attention to the fleeing Barrett and threatened him to stay put. James, not learning from Nelli’s botched act of pacification, shot his railgun at Barrett’s leg and blew a hole clean through it. Barrett immediately collapsed to the ground, screaming. Just to be sure, Nelli instructed Barrett to stay put.

The thread was dealt with, but the aftermath was bloody. Caleb and Nelli dragged Landon and Barrett to the saloon to tend to their wounds. Caleb, after initially botching his attempt at surgery on Barett’s leg and doing additional harm, tried tried again and managed a successful amputation. Nelli meanwhile exercised adequate first aid upon Landon’s lasered-off foot stump to keep it from getting worse. Once the pain and bleeding and screaming had subsided, Landon suggested that someone very important will be annoyed at the Marshals’ meddling… Regardless of the consequences, the Marshals locked the remaining ne’er-do-wells in the jail and turned in for the night.

In the morning, with no local sheriff or watchman anymore, the Marshals provided the jail keys to the the local priest. They showed the townsfolk the jail and its occupants, and collected the posted bounty. Given his presence at the events of the night before, and his willingness to continue helping, the Marshals deputized Apache Bob into their group.

As the town’s watchman had not participated in the murder of the sheriff and had been pressured into compliance with the Newburg gang’s activities, he had been freed from his bonds. In line with Landon’s threats from the night before, the watchman warns the Marshals and their Deputy (hereafter referred to simply as the Marshals) that it might be wise to skidaddle before the Newburg boys’ employer hears the news of their defeat. Caleb very tactfully loutmouthed about the watcman’s part in the scheme in front of the onlookers from the town, raising their ire and prompting them to push for an impromput lynching of the former lawman. Luckily, James was able to fast-talk the town into understanding the dangerous situation the watchman had been in, and the pressure he was subjected to. Ultimately, the townsfolk decided to merely exile the watchman, who hastily packed the essentials into a newly purchased wagon and headed out of town.

The immediate threat now dealt with, messengers were dispatched to Consequence and River Junction to inform the stage line it can return to its normal route. However, the Marshals talked the situation over and decided it was only a matter of time before the same business interests in Grunting Hollow hatched a new scheme to redirect the stage from its rightful route. The villains in Grunting Hollow would have to be dealt with.


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