Character Creation Checklist

Our switch to the Fate system vastly simplifies character creation and maintenance. The countless hours I put into writing “easy” step-by-step instructions for assembling GURPS characters should have tipped me off that the system was inappropriate for our setting and group. I’ve tossed most of those instructions in the old campfire now, and I’m paring the Character Creation Checklist (CCC) down to just a few helpful Fate tidbits. That said, if you find this section a little rough around the edges, please bear with me while I smooth out the bumps.

1. Understand The Setting

If you haven’t read it already already, the Original Flavour Text I wrote as a sort of pitch for the campaign is a good primer. This will give you an idea of the setting, and will hopefully spark a little bit of “hey, it would be cool to have a character like [whatever] in this setting!”

1.1 Genre

Resolution takes place in a fictionalized Wild West setting with, Ultra-Tech, Bio-Tech, and Magic elements.

1.2 Society/Government

As a rule, society is lawless and un-governed. Pockets of variation exist in certain urban areas. If you want to have any particular patrons, companions, or enemies, run it by me first. They may or may not be appropriate for the setting.

1.3 Ultra-tech

The world is riddled with high technology. That is to say it’s a hodge-podge of ultra-tech with an old-west feel, and much of that rickety-looking old-west stuff you see is actually far more advanced than you might think. That six-shooter you see is most likely a mini railgun with many available rounds. That rifle may be a beam weapon or coilgun. The gussied-up hooker at the saloon may really be an undercover Marshal, and her lacy dress a durable armoured weave with a supplemental energy dissipator. The wooden saloon tables may well be made out of gengineered wood, much stronger than steel. Since Fate doesn’t handle some of these details natively, I need to insert the appropriate details here.

1.4 Biotech

The world is also riddled with biomodification. Human-animal hybrids, specialized biotech abilities, biotechnological gadgets. Cybernetic implants and enhancements are also common. Many of these modifications are achieved by forking over more money than you would like to pay to some back-street hack-meister who calls himself a doctor, and hoping he’s competent enough and honest enough to do the job you paid for. In other cases, you may have been born with certain abilities owing to whatever breed of meta-human you happen to be. Since Fate doesn’t handle some of these details natively, I need to insert the appropriate details here.

1.5 Magic

Magic, cybernetics, and biotech are fairly well balanced in a rock-paper-scissorsesque fashion. You may think a high-speed projectile would slice through a wimpy magic user, but you might be disappointed as an enchantment slows the bullet or weakens the metal. You might think your magical lightning strike will roast a robot, but it turns out he has a grounded magic diffuser module. And that beam weapon may tear right through the flesh of some unarmoured goliath, only to be rendered moot as his biomodified flesh rapidly heals immediately after the shot. Don’t make assumptions of infallibility. Since Fate doesn’t handle some of these details natively, there are more details on how this is handled in Resolution at Magic

1.6 Races

You can be pretty-much anything you can think of. Human, robot, genetic hybrid… think up a character concept and run it by me. There’s a good chance we’ll make it work. There are no classic fantasy races, per se, but if you can make a really good case for something similar (it better be a damn good case), maybe we’ll work something out by way of genetic modification. Seriously though, this isn’t really the setting for a pack of halflings and elves. That’s not what I’m going for. Since Fate doesn’t handle some of these details natively, I need to insert the appropriate details here.

1.7 Marshals

As Marshals you really only have one obligation: to do what you are paid to do. You are essentially hired mercenaries…EXCEPT for one important thing: integrity! A Marshal is only as good as his/her reputation, and your reputation is based on your deeds. Sure you get paid to perform work, but what sets you apart from mercenaries, assassins, or other hired muscle is that Marshals are supposed to do the right thing. It’s up to you to decide whether what you have been asked to do is the sort of thing becoming of your position. Sometimes you have to refuse to do a job that is unjust (and deal with the enemies you make as a result!), and sometimes you just have to do what is right even though it may not line your pockets as much as you would like. For most people, the one thing that they most hold onto is the idea that Marshals are a force for order and good. You may occasionally be forced to choose the lesser of two evils…

1.8 Further Reading

If you want to know more about the campaign setting, feel free to read some or all of the Setting Guidebut don’t tire yourself out! The Setting Guide is a growing encyclopedia of everything regarding the setting. You probably don’t want to read an entire encyclopedia just to create your character.

2. Build Your Character

This is done collaboratively, using the Fate Character Creation Rules. We’ll be doing this together. If you’re FROM THE FUTURE! and you are joining the campaign in progress, we’ll still help you get your character settled in.

2.1 Skills/Stunts

Please note the addition of one skill (not counting the Conjurer-specific skills) on top of the Default Skill List in Core. The new skill is Livestock and includes horse-riding as well as all other assorted domestic(ish) animal interaction and knowledge.

Also, you may be wondering how your character will give/receive medical attention. Aside from magic and ultra-tech/biotech approaches, you’re primarily going to be looking at First Aid or Surgery. First Aid is a Crafts action and can be performed by anyone with the tools. Surgery, on the other hand, requires a stunt on either Crafts or Lore as well as appropriate setting, tools, supplies, and recovery time. First Aid will deal with minor consequences so they can go into recovery, whereas more serious injuries are likely to require Surgery. A successful Surgery roll will move a consequence down one slot in severity (and can only be done once per consequence).

3. Post Your Character

Once you have your sheet all built, please post your character to the Characters section on this site. Please also update this digital version periodically as your character grows and changes. This serves two purposes:

  1. A backup in case your dead-tree character sheet goes walkabouts.
  2. A reference for the GM and other players.

Character Creation Checklist

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