The world of Resolution is rough, unpredictable, and lethal. From gunslingers and gamblers to marshals and medicine men, the crucible of Resolution tests all with indifference. Most folks don’t concern themselves with trivialities, concentrating instead on matters of food, water, money… and not getting killed. The powers of magic, high-technology, and bio-modification make Resolution a dangerous place – not to mention, it’s damn hot outside.

In this unfriendly land, the unrelenting desert can be the least of one’s worries. Wild gunslingers seeking fame and fortune do so at the expense of the helpless. Ruthless tycoons have little regard for others in the development their own business, and heaven help those who stand in their way. Unwary travellers are as like as not to die of exposure, contend with dire magical bests, or fall prey to the indiscriminate barbarism of roving bands of Speed Freaks before they can reach their destination.

Amidst the lawlessness and chaos of Resolution, there are those who would bring order. The “law”, however, is something that can often be feared as much as it is desperately needed. So-called “law” often imposes itself in the form of powerful and terrifying self-appointed roaming Judges, who are the embodiment of high values, high tempers, and lethally-enforced mercurial judgement. If a Judge arrives in town, one would be wise the balance the merits of running into hiding, or pulling up stakes and moving on. In contrast to the Judges are the loosely-affiliated order of Marshals. The authority of the Marshals comes from their popular reputation for doing right by the people. Marshals are hired on contract to bring order and right the wrongs of the world, and a good Marshal is a welcome sight to any honest denizen.

You are members of a posse of Marshals, bringing law and order in exchange for pay. You’ve got your work cut out for you, as law and order are in short supply.

Here is the Original Flavour Text I wrote as a sort of pitch for the campaign.


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